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Apple’s inventory

Apple sells its inventory every five days. The only company that does better than that is McDonald’s. Think about that for a second. A $3 hamburger and kid’s meals versus computers, tablets and smartphones.

Apple does have an incredible supply chain.

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The most impressive Premier League team

It was a great season for most of the Premier League, but there is one team that really stood out for me – Newcastle United.

With players like Hatem Ben Arfa, Papiss Cisse, Demba Ba and so many others, Newcastle United not only played with the big boys, they beat them. Obviously Cisse’s goal scoring took a lot of pressure off Ba, but it gave the team a great one-two punch too.

Newcastle shows no signs of slowing down either. I expect Tottenham, Liverpool and Chelsea to pay close attention to what they do next season.

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All this hoopla today about Twitter tracking its users got me thinking about Steve Wildstrom’s piece the other day about online privacy.

Munro noted that people are perfectly willing to surrender privacy for small rewards. “People worry about privacy, but everybody signs up for a Safeway card. People are giving up their own privacy.”

We do freely give up information about ourselves all the time. So, why are we so surprised when we learn we’re being tracked?

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CSS3 Experiment: OS X Lion startup

This is why I find CSS3 so fascinating. There are so many things you can do with it and we are just getting started.

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Apple’s HDTV

Apple is said to be negotiating to acquire Loewe AG, a manufacturer and distributor of televisions, audio components and integrated entertainment systems, with a final decision expected to be announced by the end of this week.

I’ve said from the beginning not to underestimate the Apple HDTV rumor. I still believe this is a market that Apple could enter, change and eventually make a significant mark in.

Apple did the same thing with the iPod, iPhone and iPad. People underestimated those rumors too.

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Heading to Ireland

I’m heading to Ireland tomorrow to speak at the Ull Conference. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to visiting Dublin.

The conference is described like this:

Úll is a conference for iOS / OSX / mobile web developers and designers.
The three day event will include workshops, keynotes, talks and in-depth presentations on all the aspects of building, designing and marketing your apps.

It’s going to be great sharing some of my knowledge, listening to the other speakers and meeting lots of developers.

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Motorola CEO makes $47 million in 2011

Sanjay Jha, the chief executive to Motorola Mobility, was awarded a total compensation package of about $47 million in 2011, almost four times his 2010 pay, according to a regulatory filing.

There is no way he is worth $47 million. Motorola makes shit products, but he did negotiate quite a deal with Google.

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Starting with Svbtle

I haven’t had a personal blog in a few years, but I really like what Dustin Curtis is doing with Svbtle, so I reached out to him to join the network.

There is a movement on the Web these days to go minimal – I’m behind that 100%. When The Loop relaunched last September, it was the minimalist design that struck most users when they visited the site.

The problem is that the backend of the sites remain needlessly complicated. Svbtle is a really nice platform for users and very elegant on the backend for me.

I’m looking forward to writing some of my personal thoughts here.

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